Modify Music & Speech

Modify Music & Speech

Download Patcher 1.rar
Download Patcher v10.rar *new

Put this folder in your Warcraft III directory!!(only work on Windows OS)

# Usage #

 -Download the Patcher v10
 -Extract the Patcher v10 anywhere
 -Cut the Patcher v10 folder
 -Paste the Patcher v10 folder into your Warcraft III Folder
 -Open the Patcher v10 folder
 -Execute the "Patch" or "Patch.bat"
 -Wait until the Patching done

For Mac

 -create new folder, whatever its name
 -copy your "war3xlocal.mpq" from your warcraft directory into "new folder" you created
 -also copy Patcher v10 folder into "new folder" you created
 -copy the "new folder" you created to your flash disk
 -go to your friend which have windows os
 -open the "new folder" from your flash disk
 -open the Patcher v10 folder
 -and execute the "Patch" or "Patch.bat"
 -wait until the Patching Done
 -and go back to your MAC
 -rename your "war3xlocal.mpq" in your warcraft directory to "war3xlocal_old.mpq" (this is for backup if you got the crash)
 -copy "war3xlocal.mpq" from "new folder" in your flash disk into your warcraft directory in you mac

* if you fail to patch the sound on your PC/Notebook or shutdown while patching, please run/execute Recover.bat
** If you didn't hear the sound after you patch it correctly, try disable 3D Positional Audio via Sound Option in the Game Menu.

By Benzkung


By Benzkung